"I teach you and your family how to build and maintain generational wealth!"

My name is Scott Custis

Welcome to Money Scientific, a fiduciary, fee-only financial advisor situated in Northern Kentucky. My primary objective is to empower you to maximize your wealth while alleviating any concerns about money. We work together through a proven planning process to craft a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

How I can help:

  1. Get to know you & your goals
  2. Invest smarter
  3. Reduce taxes
  4. Optimize Income

By leveraging my knowledge and experience, I aim to empower you to make informed financial decisions that align with your objectives and lead you toward long-term financial success. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of personal finance and work towards achieving your financial goals.

Why Money Scientific?

My journey of assisting others began within the confines of a middle school classroom, igniting a passion that has continued to thrive. Following my college education, I dedicated a couple of years to teaching middle school science in public schools.   Through my experience in the classroom, I discovered that the disciplined structure of the scientific method perfectly aligned with the systematic approach required for financial planning. Both disciplines share the common goal of finding solutions and achieving desired outcomes. With this realization, I found a natural transition from teaching the scientific method to guiding individuals through the financial journey, leading to the birth of Money Scientific—a platform where I could apply my teaching skills to help others navigate their personal finances effectively and methodically. If what you've read strikes a chord within you, I would be glad to help. Simply click on the "Contact" tab to schedule an introductory call, and together we can explore how I can be of help in your journey.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

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NKY Money Guy

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